The business card that transforms into a bow and arrow

Bow and Arrow business card in use

The ideal business card for Robin Hood and his merry gang of outlaws, if people had business cards in the Middle Ages!

The Who…

Australian graphic design studio Filter have created a new bow and arrow business card for Longbow Productions, a digital media production company delivering photographic and video content for corporate clients.

The What…

This laser cut, perforated and etched wooden business card, made from thin mahogany, easily breaks apart to transform into a fully functional mini bow. You simply attach an elastic band as the string, and use toothpicks for arrows.

And The Why…

The client’s company name was inspired by the invention of the longbow, which allowed medieval archers to shoot accurately from afar and changed the art of warfare. On their website, Longbow Productions say the arrival of the longbow is analogous to the arrival of digital in today’s age.

It’s certainly been a great gimmick and publicity grabber for Filter and Longbow, and isn’t that the whole point of having a unique and creative business card?

Bow & Arrow business card

Longbow Productions bow and arrow business cards by Filter


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