Clever business card design ideas for your profession

Creative and clever business card with scissors - gif shows how it looks like its cutting as you fold it in on itself

How to design a business card to suit your company or profession? Take it from us, its best to reflect your individualism and personality.

If you use your business cards to promote your business, a little injection of humour applied to the design will make them much more memorable and attractive (unless you are an undertaker). In most cases a clever business card design will make you seem more approachable and likeable, especially if yours is a small business – show your individuality. Here are some examples of how clever designs have been applied for different professions and as a result have even ended up promoting these businesses on the internet as they have gone viral.

Designers showing off their skill on their own business cards

Clever business card has a blank spot for the receiver of the card to edit in where they met the designer. Words on the card read 'Hi I'm David from UhHuhYeah. We met at _______ I'm that designer guy who made that thing you liked so much. Say hello @uhhuhyeah dot com.' Clever business card for hairdresser has scissors on it Creative and clever business card with scissors - gif shows how it looks like its cutting as you fold it in on itself Clever and creative business card for web designers - folds in and out to look like a laptop

Clever business card designs for lawyers and counsellors

Clever lawyer business card has a pocket that looks like iron bars from a prison and the business card that sits inside it is a silhouette of a man This card by adult and juvenile criminal defence lawyer Paul Redrup demonstrates how even lawyers can use some creativity on their very serious profession. The meaning behind this image is clear and makes a strong impact – a certainty to be remembered. Image of the front and back of a marriage counselling business card that has a textured, red background and a plaster across a crackAnd here a post marriage counselling card that promises to heal the rift. You could either just tear your own business cards to shreds to achieve this effect and stick them back together – or simply print the image to achieve the optical effect.

A Funny Business Card Design For A Second Hand Shop

Clever and funny business card for a second hand shop shows a business card from an electrician with scribbles all over it and on the other side - a hand written new version for the shop This second hand shop card design is not only very creative, but also environmentally friendly and unforgettable! Printing double sided business cards is inexpensive, so this and similar creative design ideas are not difficult to realise.

Even In The Medical Profession You Get Creative Business Card Designs

clever dentist business card - shows a teeth imprint Dentist, doctors and physiotherapists all have come up with funny designs vying customers their way. Reflections Dental Care created a card where the hole in the tooth disappears when this dentist’s telephone number becomes visible. Very clever stuff! This is another example of a dentist whose business card will leave you with a good impression of what he is about! Clever advertising and branding shows a business card that is attached to a dummy which looks like a mouth made out of crooked teeth Thanks to the creativity of their business card designers, this orthodontist handed out promotional pacifiers with his business cards.

Clever business card made out of elastic needs to be stretched for you to read it

And then this personal trainer has you working out before you can even given him a call! Unless humour is really out of place, a genuinely funny business card will give you an edge on your competitors. I believe that for most lines of business it is possible to come up with a clever and creative idea. It really pays off to take the time and think about it. Have a look at some options we have to offer such as our economy business cards.


  1. i would some ideas on the design of a counselling business card.i would like the card not looking too busy! and could you assist me in the lay out etc??

    Thank you


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