World’s first business card speakers for your smartphone

World first: amazing business card is also a speaker.

When Pause, a high-end hi-fi store in Stockholm, promise customised sound systems for every wallet. They really mean it!

Sound specialists Pause have teamed up with Swedish advertising agency Åkestam Holst to invent the world’s first business card speakers. Their ingenious Pause Speaker Cards are traditional business cards that can be quickly folded and transformed into tiny acoustic speakers for use with any model of smartphone.

Apparently, these babies deliver a 17% boost in volume when you slip your phone inside them. Better still, no batteries are required to power them.

The Pause business cards are apparently made from 330gsm Plike paper. The cards’ plastic-like, rubbery surface seems to be the secret behind their dual-use as impromptu audio speakers.

Now you can always have a handy mobile speaker system in your pocket, wallet or purse that’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll – or dubstep – in a matter of seconds.

Pause speaker business card

Business Card Speakers

Here’s the Pause Speaker Cards promo video on Vimeo:


  1. Wow – This is such a cool and professional idea! It looks really cool and would make your music business stand out from the crowed… just need to invent one for my fitness company now…

  2. The technology within all aspects of life is getting better and better, you’d be more noticed for such flashy cards, but wouldn’t it also make advertising harder, not only does your business card now have to look good, it must sound good too, to the point of employing well spoken people to record your message, the tones and the pitch will be very important, background music even. You’re personal talk with a client could almost win you the business but then a poor audio could ruin it all.


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