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Business Cards

It has been the way to share your contact information since the 17th Century, let’s take a look at the history of business cards and how they’ve evolved over the years.

The Beginning

A must have for the 17th Century aristocracy, business cards started their life being a means of announcing their forthcoming arrival to a local town. Originally shaped like playing cards, towards the 18th century they grew popular amongst the elite and by the 19th century became a must for everybody in the middle class.

Business Cards

19th Century Europe

At this time the cards were still seen as social calling cards and were presented as a form of etiquette and delivered to the lady of the house. This is where the idea of a card representation of a first impression was born. Cards were folded in one corner to signify being presented in person. In the United Kingdom however, the card were used for trade purposes; generally before or after work was completed. At this time there was still no set size for the cards which would be printed with wooden blocks prior to the invention of the lithographic press.

Business Cards

Modern Day

Much of the etiquette for handing out business cards has disappeared since their inception in the 17th Century. Some rules still exist although the crucial factor is the convenience to the recipient. Although there is universal set size, there are some standards that may help your card leaving a great, long lasting impression on the recipient.

Business Cards


In the United States and Western Europe, business cards tend to mimic the sizes of credit cards, the reason for this is to fit easily into the wallet of the recipient to make it simple for them to refer to it at a later date, this size will also relate to the old office classic, the Rolodex. A larger business card may be tempting to make a memorable impression although if it does not fit into the recipient’s wallet it will likely be a fleeting impression as it may be discarded.

We’re Here To Help

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Business Cards


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