The business cards printed on clear plastic

Business Cards printed on clear plastic

Martyna Wedzicka is a graphic design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland who designs and prints her business cards on clear plastic

Martyna Wedzicka business card yellow

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Not only do Martyna Wedzicka’s business cards utilise an uncommon printing stock, they boast some fun little art doodles too.

Although still a student, Martyna’s Behance page already plays host to an impressive graphic design portfolio – featuring everything from minimalistic tattoo icons and sugar bag packaging to a ‘Crime and Punishment’ print project that was nominated for a Polish Design Award last year.

Martyna Wedzicka business card close-up

The reaction to Martyna’s unique approach to business card design on Adobe’s Behance social media network for creatives includes:

“Cool idea.” -Claudia Arregoitía

“Lovely.” -David Vivó

“Wonderful.” -Design Chan

“Great.” -Giotto Creative Studio

“Simple unique concept. Nice approach.” -James Stuckey

“Nice job, unique personal branding here.” -Joe Colly

“Looks sharp – literally and figuratively! Cool idea, I like it.” -Maggie Worms

“Amazing.” -Robert Castillo

“Fantastic idea. Acrylic plate looks great.” -Seon Il Kim

“Creative.” -Tania De Pascalis

“Fresh.” -Taweesak Tomongkol

“Original.” -Wojciech Zasina

What do you think of these eye-catching business cards? Would they suitably impress if you were handed one when you first met up with Martyna? Please scroll down this page to the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below and post your message.

Business cards by Martyna Wedzicka

Business Cards


  1. What a fantastic idea and unfortunately I’ve just got my fresh delivery of plain old white board. Spherical objects with a K .

  2. Boring, plain business cards are out. Cool, “outside the box” business cards are in. Think about what is most likely to stand out in a pile. It’s worth investing a little bit more for a business card that has the “wow” factor.


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