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Business cards have an important role to play, both in private and in business circles, as after all, they represent an introduction to who you are and what you stand for. Business cards represent part of our identity.

To demonstrate what I mean, here is an example: For me there are few TV scenes as memorable (especially ones that involve business cards) as the American Psycho” business card scene – the high flying investment banking executives of this New York company comparing their not so cheap business cards. In my opinion, this scene showcases a prime example of fine acting, something I am not so surprised about seeing that it comes from Christian Bale.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, just check it out for yourself:






If you want to find some nice design ideas on the web you do not have to go far. The title of this website for example was taken from the above mentioned film scene: “It even has a watermark”. They understand the importance of image and have therefore dedicated their website to the display of a variety of exciting business cards. You can check out their various sections ranging from creative to custom business cards. And if you have a business card design that you yourself are proud of – why not upload it and add to the collection?

If you are not a design aficionado and just a mere mortal, I believe that this is a good place to start and look for some inspiration before you decide on your next business card design! In our custom business card section you can upload your own creative artwork and be your own designer! Try it out – just decide between gloss, silk or pulp material and add your own artwork- an easy way to get completely individual and cheap business cards.

But do you have to spend a lot of money to get a product that looks good? Not all of us are investment bankers – and even investment bankers are selling their posh pads and toning down their business cards! Of course there are limits to what you can do with a certain budget but we believe that business cards from Solopress will make you look good for less and not just image is important – your wallet is too!

Print Your Business Cards Today

Need business cards printed fast? No problem – we offer a range of business cards including silk, matt laminated, spot UV matt laminated and pulp.


  1. My son is looking for business cards for a startup business so needs to consider what gives best impact. I have come accross the term 3D printing for impact but don’t know what it is. Any clarification would be helpful.

    • What gives the best impact with a business card? A striking, creative and memorable design. But a matt laminated and spot UV finish wouldn’t hurt either, Robin.

  2. The American Psycho business card scene is probably one of the most unforgettable scenes there in the movies about business cards. Quite a few authors writing on business cards always mention this. I do agree though that the business card represents the person. Which probably why Bale’s character was so ticked off to discover the other guys business card was better than his haha =)


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