The Hobbit 2: Smaug Means Business… Cards?

Business card adaptation of The Hobbit

the hobbit business cards

I’m genuinely gutted I’ve not been able to see the second part of the Hobbit yet so to keep myself sane I created these Hobbit business cards, and imagined what careers some of the characters would follow, if they were able.

Smaug the Dragon

It’s alarming to imagine Smaug the Golden as anything other than a cold-blooded killer, destroyer of towns and a magnificent hoarder. But in his spare time when he’s not swimming in golden coins and laughing at the plight of pitiful dwarves, Smaug trades gems with the other remaining Dragons, and adds to his wealth.


When he’s not saving Middle-Earth, battling Balrogs, and smoking pipe-weed, Gandalf makes a living as an entertainer of sorts. Great for parties, celebrations, new years and the 5th of November – Gandalf can invoke the most awe-inspiring, beautiful-yet-dangerous pyrotechnic wonders.

bilbo burglar

Bilbo made a few of these calling cards just incase anyone was in need of a burglar, but his time was consumed recovering all the items stolen by his hobbit relatives in his absence, and so have served as a memoir of his adventures with Thorin, Gandalf and the company of dwarves.

These took as long to design as the making of the film! That’s all folks, if you’d like to try your hand at creating a Hobbit Business Card or graphic, send them over to us on Twitter or Facebook!


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  1. I really do like the ingenuity and time take to make these cards. I really do like the Bilbo calling cards as they are actually quite classy!
    Not keen on the Gandolf one, seems a little too cartoony for me.


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