Mummy business cards – twee or not too twee?

Business cards with mum-like design for mothers

Mummy Cards – the latest playground fad or a lifesaver? Do you often find your identity is reduced to just being “Charlie’s Mum” or maybe you’re guilty of forgetting names yourself – perhaps a Mummy Business Card is the answer!


Here’s my Card..

It’s not so common just yet, but you may have heard about mummy business cards – a great idea for communicating with other parents your name, your phone number, your address and details of your children’s preferences. Some people love them, others don’t – regardless of whether they’re right for you or not, you have to admit – they’re pretty handy!

Even if you’re using social media to keep up to date with everyone, it’s sometimes hard to connect with people you may not really know, as if you go ahead and try to add someone to your list of contacts or friends, some platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn won’t let you communicate unless your connection is approved by the other party. Call me old school but I think it’s a step in the right direction to swap mobile numbers with people instead of email or twitter usernames.

Bad Attitude

I feel some of the bad press mummy business cards are getting could be to do with a bad attitude towards mothers in general. Sadly this is more-so the attitude from other mums and women rather than non-parents and men, that you’re trying to force your identity as a mother – but surely it’s the opposite, these business cards say “Hey, hello! I have a name you know!”

Is it so strange for a mother to want to ensure someone knows their name and telephone number before they let their child go on a play date, to a potential strangers house? What a fantastic way to let people know your child has an allergy without getting into a discussion about immune systems.

As long as the card’s purpose is to help safeguard your kids – I think it’s a great idea. Perhaps the way to get around some of the potential negativity, is to make sure that the card’s content is focused on your kids, rather than your role as a mother. For example, on the business card template shown at the start of the article, I’ve included Noah’s allergies, and a potential breakdown from Charlotte is prevented by reminding other parents she’s scared of dogs.

Give Mummy Cards a Go!

Maybe they aren’t your style, but I really think they’re a great idea – perhaps rather than handing them out yourself, have your kids hold on to a couple in their school bag and explain what they’re for. You run the risk of them being covered in juice and needing to be scraped out of the bag at home-time but it could be a better way of using them than just handing them out. Check out our economy business cards for an inexpensive and popular choice.


  1. I don’t like these at all – they scream pushy mum! I think its great that stay at home mums are proud of their role but this is taking it to the extreme.

  2. A clever idea of parents of pre-school to infants school as by primary school age many local school children make their own way home or parents wait in the car for them.So Parents only then meet each other at school events!

  3. Sorry, but I’m not a fan. There is no way that I would consider handing out one of these and equally if someone handed me one in the playground I would think it overly formal and a bit pushy.

  4. These are really pretty I guess they would be helpful in some situations but I don’t know whether I could justify buying them just for those few times.

  5. I think they are great but Im still a little apprehensive; its the kind of thing a Tiger Mum would carry and I tend to try and avoid those with a nod and a quick getaway before conversation!


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