The smart business card with built-in USB memory

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business card unfolded

American engineer Andrew DePaula has launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for swivelCard, the smart business card that includes a built-in USB memory drive made from paper!

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business card

By magically transforming ordinary paper into a fully working USB memory drive, Andrew DePaula and his swivelCard team are creating a new type of smart business card that could potentially open up a whole new gamut of possibilities for printed business cards in today’s digital age.

Imagine your business card having pictures, videos, presentations and websites ready for the recipient to interact with as soon as you hand it over to them! Analytics software can even provide useful information about your business cards, such as how they are being used, enabling you to uniquely tailor a future business proposal or sales pitch to this new prospective client.

Don’t let your imagination run too wild at this stage though, as the current prototypes of the swivelCard only carry a paltry 1Mb of “intellipaper” storage space. But who knows what might be possible with future generations of this ultra smart business card.

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business card unfolded

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business card connected to laptop

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business cards

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business cards black and white

Intellipaper swivelCard smart business card yellow and grey

How It Works

Here’s the Kickstarter promo video, explaining in more detail how the swivelCard actually works:

At the time of writing, Andew DePaula has already secured Kickstarter funding of $39,351, with 30 days still left to go. His original goal was $10,000. Those backers who’ve pledged $29 or more should get 10 swivelCard mini cards shipped to them in November 2014 (there’s an additional shipping fee of $10 for orders outside of the USA). A set of 200 full-sized swivelCards will currently set you back $319 on Kickstarter, plus $10 for shipping, with October 2014 set as the official delivery date.

Mini swivelCard smart business card


  1. So cool. A plain card with just your name and contact information really isn’t enough to get you noticed these days. There are so many neat business card design ideas to take advantage of.

  2. Wow this would be great for mobile private health providers like chiropodists, etc, they could use it to store details of treatments and update it on every visit maybe!


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