Introducing PheroCard business cards – the smell of success


There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of success, and thanks to the brand new PheroCard business card from Solopress, you’ll know that feeling first-hand. Synthetically produced in our printing lab, the PheroCard attracts business on a whole new sensory level.

Scientific Phenomenon

Decades of scientific research has identified that the sweet smell of success is down to one thing. It’s human nature to flock to the most successful examples of our species – the real movers and shakers of industry. That’s why we’ve identified the one thing they’ve got in common – powerful pheromones – and distilled their essence into a scientific breakthrough. Personalise your PheroCard business cards with a combination of these pheromones, and you can be sure that your business card literally oozes the right doses of charm and magnetism.

Phero 3

Totally Customisable

Visit our online template and start putting together your unique blend of pheromones for your business card. Choose a mix from the different charismatic components including Rock Star, Sports Personality and Entrepreneur. Once you’ve made your choices, just put in the information you want to be displayed on your business card and we’ll get to work on printing the final product. Available in eggshell (with Romalian type) or bone (with raised lettering), and now with free delivery, you can make an instant impact at your next networking event.


  1. As a beginning student in graphic design, it was such a relief to have a bit of ingenious comedy and a great image to study as well. More please.


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