New Multi-Name Business Cards


Here at Solopress, we want to make your ordering process as quick and as easy as possible. So we have introduced our new Multi-Name Business Cards.

Using our online system it is simple to orderĀ business cards for numerous people in a range of stocks. We offer our 400gsm Silk, 400gsm Matt Lamination, 400gsm Velvet Soft Touch Lamination and 400gsm Gloss Laminated. Choose from between 100-1000 cards for up to 15 different versions.

How Does it Work?

Okay so say you have 3 new employees for example and you need 100 cards for each person. Simply go to our website and select our Multi-Name Business Cards. Select the quantity for each person needed, in this case, 100. Then, select how many versions you need, for this example, we would enter 3. Then upload your artwork for each version and the rest is up to us.

multi-name business cards

This is the cheapest way to order multiple sets of business cards so take advantage of our new product and give it a try!


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